4 Years Old Pakistani Girl Areesh Fatima Becomes World’s youngest Microsoft Professional

Areesh Fatima has set a record by scoring 831 marks in the MCP exam

A 4-year-old Pakistani girl from Karachi, Areesh Fatima has created history by passing Microsoft’s MCP exams with 831 marks score. The Microsoft MCP test is usually taken by adults where a minimum of 700 marks is necessary, While Areesh Fatima manages to get a whopping score of 831 out of 1000.

The government of Pakistan has announced this great news via Twitter on Friday and appreciates the efforts of the nation’s youngest talented daughter. Indeed, this is a proud and inspirational moment for the whole nation and especially for our youth.

Areesh’s father also belongs to the IT industry and he did all of her training himself. Talking to a Media News channel, Areesh’s father said that during the Covid-19 pandemic, he was working from home on his computer and his daughter was also with him during that tenure.

Areesh’s father noticed that his daughter is showing an interest in computers and she is very good at implementing what he is teaching to her. Areesh Fatima was practicing on her father’s laptop and she was very good at picking the whole thing.

Areesh Fatima is Pakistan’s youngest Microsoft-certified professional and she placed her name in the Guinness World record.


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