How to Block Your Lost/Stolen Mobile Phone with PTA

In this Tech Tutorial Blog Post, We will show you how to Block your Lost/Stolen Mobile Phone with PTA using PTA’s official Complaint Management System. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has launched a new system where users can block their stolen or snatched mobile phones. 

We will walk you through how to block your mobile phone using PTA Complaint Management System. We will discuss how to submit the application form to the concerned authority for blocking your mobile phone, how to trace and know about the status of your submitted application, and how to unblock it again after getting back your mobile phone. 

The important things to do after Lost/Stolen your Mobile Phone

  • Visit your nearest Police Station and submit an application or launch an FIR against your lost/stolen mobile phone for a safe side.
  • Block your mobile phone from the PTA Complaint management system portal by following the below-given step-by-step guide.

How to Block Your Lost/Stolen Mobile Phone using PTA Complaint Management System Portal

  • First of all visit PTA’s official Complaint management system website from here 
  • After opening the PTA website page, select “Yes” from the “Stolen Mobile Handset / IMEI Related Complaint?” option on the right side. Select “Blocking” from the Request / Nature Type option.
  • Now enter the complainant’s name, which means the person who is submitting the complaint/request for blocking the mobile phone. Enter your CNIC number, contact number, email address, incident city name (where the phone is lost/stolen), Incident location area, current address, and father’s name.
  • Next to the right side i.e. “Complaint Information” enter your detailed complaint, IMEI numbers, mobile number (used in that mobile), brand/company name model, color, etc.
  • Make sure, all the information is entered correctly and carefully. Check out all the details once you entered and then click on the “Register Complaint” button. 
  • Upon successful registration of your complaint, the reported mobile handset (IMEI(s)) will be blocked within 24 hours.

How to Block Your Lost/Stolen Mobile Phone with PTA

How to Know the Status of your Complaint Submitted to PTA

  • After 24 hours of the submitted complaint, users can be able to know the status of their mobile phone via sending a message. Simply Go to Messages and create a new message. Now, type your IMEI number and send it to 8484.
  • Or visit PTA’s DIRBS Online System from here. Enter your 15-digit IMEI number and click on the Check button.  
  • You can also check your complaint status here

How to Unblock Your Lost/Stolen Mobile Phone


  • Ok, so you got back your mobile phone and now want to unblock it right? Here is how to do that.
  • Visit PTA’s official Complaint management system again from here
  • This time, select Unblocking from the right side. Also, the “Stolen Mobile Handset / IMEI Related Complaint?” option should be marked as YES.
  • Enter the required details like complaint number and CNIC number and click on the Search button. 
  • Go ahead with further details to unblock your mobile phone. That’s all
  • If you face any kind of issue during the whole process, please let us know in the comments option or you can send us an email by clicking on Contact Us page. 

How to Block Your Lost/Stolen Mobile Phone with PTA

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