How to Rank Your Gig on Fiverr in 2022: 10 Pro Tips and Tricks

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog post. In this blog post, We will show you how to rank your Gig on Fiverr in 2022 by following 10 Pro Tips and Tricks. If you are a freelancer and working on Fiverr, this is very important to rank your Gig on Fiverr to make money more than you expected. If you are ranking on Fiverr’s first page, you are lucky and have more chances to get orders. If your Gig is not ranking well that means there is something missing and you should improve it by following our 10 Pro tips.  

There is a lot of competition, and it’s increasing day by day. It’s too hard to get orders and rank their Gigs on Fiverr, especially for newbies. Apart from the competition, Fiverr has also changed a few things with their latest updates, like the buyer requests feature which was one of the best ways to search for a job on Fiverr and send proposals to their respective clients. But after the latest updates, this feature is no longer available. 

Fiverr has replaced the Buyer Requests with a new matching feature where a seller will be notified directly through notification if a job matched their services. So, this is very important to rank your Gig on Fiverr to get more orders and improve your visibility. By following the below given 10 Pro Tips and Tricks, you will be able to rank your Gig on Fiverr perfectly.

How to Rank Your Gig on Fiverr in 2022: 10 Pro Tips and Tricks

1- Optimize your Gig title and description: Make sure that your Gig title and description accurately and clearly describe the services you’re offering. Use keywords relevant to your Gig to make it easier for buyers to find you.

Now, the question is how to find the right keywords right? no worries, We are here to help. First of all search for a good keyword by using any keyword research tool like or the other option is to have a look at the top-ranked Gigs on Fiverr’s first page that offers the same services you are offering. Just check out their keywords and note the most ranking keywords in a notepad file and use it in your own Gig tags. 

2- Adding keywords to your Gig title and Description can also help you in improving your Gig ranking. You should use a single keyword in your Gig title. Also, using relevant keywords in your Gig’s descriptions can help in improving your Gig ranking on Fiverr.  

3- Use high-quality images on your Fiverr Gig: By using high-quality images on your Gig, you can attract more attention, showcase your skills and services, and increase the perceived value of your Gig. This can help you stand out from the competition and increase your chances of making a sale.

Use high-resolution images so that they look sharp and professional. Make sure the images you use are clear and relevant to your gig. This can help buyers understand what you’re offering and what they can expect from your services. 

4- It will be more effective if you use Video on your Gig as according to Fiverr Video Gigs get more impressions than Gig Images. Record your own video with a professional intro that highlights your services, edit it using any video editing software, and upload it on your Gig. Your voice should be clear in that video and use a good-quality mic to reduce noise in your voice.

5- Use Multi Package option: The Multi Package option allows sellers to offer multiple variations of their Gig, each with a different price point and set of features. This allows buyers to choose the package that best fits their needs and budget.

By using the Multi Package option, you can cater to a wider range of buyers and increase the chances of making a sale. You can also increase the perceived value of your Gig by offering different packages at different price points, allowing buyers to choose the one that is most appropriate for their needs.

It’s important to carefully consider the different packages you’re offering and to make sure that the features and benefits of each package are clearly outlined. This can help ensure that buyers understand the value they’re getting for their money, and increase the likelihood of making a successful sale.

6- Increase your inbox conversation rate: Respond to inquiries as soon as possible to show that you’re professional and attentive. Buyers are more likely to choose a seller who responds promptly and is easy to communicate with.

Customize your responses to each buyer, rather than using a generic template. This shows that you’re interested in their specific needs and increases the likelihood of building a relationship with them.

7- Be friendly and professional: Use a friendly and professional tone in your responses to create a positive impression. Answer any questions they have and provide relevant information to help them make a decision. 

8- Complete regular orders and avoid canceling as it brings down your rating. This is very important to read the project details, pricing, time frame, etc before starting the work to make sure you and the clients (both) are good to go with the job. 

9- Offer high-quality services: Providing high-quality services and delivering them on time is the most important factor in getting repeat business and positive reviews, which can help boost your gigs. Also, they can even refer you to their family, or friends for your good services.

10- Share your Gigs on Social Networks. Yes, sharing your Gig links on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc can help you in improving your Gig ranking. You can share the projects you have completed, your achievements, and Gig links to get more business and improve your Gig ranking on Fiverr. 

That’s all for now, I hope you enjoy my today’s blog post and help you out in ranking your Gig on Fiverr. Do remember always that providing quality services, and hard work always matters. Because the first impression is the last impression. If you provide quality services to your clients, they will definitely come back to you with another project. 

Stay in touch for another informative tech blog and if you have any questions or queries related to this blog post, don’t hesitate to reach me in the comments box.  


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