How to send WhatsApp messages without typing

WhatsApp users can now easily send messages without typing. All thanks to Google’s Digital Assistant. You will need to ask Google Assistant to send a WhatsApp message and the message will be sent. 

On Android, Google Assistant makes it simple to send messages through Google’s services, while on iOS, Siri offers assistance with sending WhatsApp messages. In this blog post, we will show you how to send WhatsApp messages without typing.

Another interesting thing is that users can also ask Google Assistant to read out messages for them. However, to utilize this feature, you will be asked to grant permission to your Phone’s notifications.

For this, Google will come up with a message, which says “to hear your messages, calendar events, and other important info, give the Google app access to your notifications.” You can disable it at any time by going to the phone settings then App notification management and disable notification access for Google.

Here is How to send WhatsApp messages without typing

Follow the below-given steps:

    • First of all, Open Google Play Store from your Mobile phone.
    • Search for ‘Google Assistant‘ and click on Install
    • After completing the installation, Tap on the Open button.
    • The Google Assistant will open and now say “Hey Google”
    • After that, the Google Assistant will respond to you and this time say “Send a WhatsApp message to (name of the person).” You will need to mention the name of the person/contact you want to send a message.
    • The Google Assistant will now ask “What’s the message” and simply tell your message. The Assistant will tell you that the message is ready and do you want to send it. Say “Yes” if you want to send it or “No” to cancel. That’s all.

How to send WhatsApp messages without typing

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