PM Imran Khan Launched Pakistan’s first locally manufactured electric bike

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan launched the country’s first-ever locally manufactured environmentally friendly electronic bikes (e-bike) on Thursday.

Addressing at a launch summary held in Islamabad, the Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that the government was working on developing an environmentally friendly roadmap for Pakistan in order to protect future generations from the negative effects of climate change and global warming.

The launch of the electric motorcycle is part of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government’s five-year Pakistan Electric Vehicles Policy 2020-2025, approved last year. It targets the market for electric vehicles, which by 2030 and 2040 will have a share of 30% and 90% in passenger cars and heavy duty vehicles.

The project is mainly focused on the need to electrify the automobile industry in order to promote an environmentally friendly environment.


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PM Imran Khan also added that Allah has blessed Pakistan with all kinds of blessings and there is no need to import everything from outside. We will manufacture our own motorcycle parts and other raw materials in Pakistan to benefit the people of our country.

Pakistan’s first E-Bike

A Pakistani firm Jolta Electric will produce these electronic bikes locally manufacturer and will be available in various models including JE-70, JE-70 L, JE-70 D, JE-100 L, JE-125 L, JE-Scooty, JE-Sports Bike.

The Jolta E-bikes are energy efficient and can be charged overnight. Also, it will cost around 1.5 electric unit. The e-bike also has other features such as no clutch and gear and low maintenance.

Various models of Jolta E-Bikes had different speed specifications from 10 to 60 kilometers per hour and could cover a distance after full charge from 60 to 100 kilometers.

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