Ufone Upower Card All in One for Rs. 100

Ufone has launched Upower Card All in One offer in Rs. 100 for the 7 days where customers will get internet data, Off-Net and On-Net call at their own choice. Ufone Upower Card enables users to choose the best deal they are looking for.

Ufone Upower Card brings an exciting offer for their customers to choose one of the best options fitted for them. There are four kinds of options included in this card where the one is all in one, the second is only internet, the third is All networks calls, and the fourth one is Ufone to Ufone and PTCL calls.

Ufone Upower Card Details

1- All in One

If you go for the All in One option, you will get 1GB of Internet data, 25 Off-Net Minutes, and 1000 On-Net Minutes in Rs. 100 for the whole week (7 days).

2- Internet

If you choose the Internet option, you will get 3GB (includes 1.5GB from 2 am to 2 pm) in Rs. 100 for the whole week (7 days).

3- All Network Calls

The third option is for the All network calls only where you will get 80 Off-Net and On-Net Minutes in Rs. 100 for the whole week (7 days).

4- U-U & PTCL Calls

The fourth option is for Ufone to Ufone and PTCL calls only and if you choose that, you will get *Unlimited Minutes in Rs. 100 for 7 days. (*Fair usage policy of 2500 mins applies).

How to Subscribe to Ufone Upower Offer:

  • To subscribe dial *1234# from your mobile phone.
  • Ufone Upower card can also be subscribed online by clicking here

Charges and Validity:

  • The offer is valid for 7 days and the charges are Rs. 100


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